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Childhood and dream about big and famous

About DeVeau's Academy

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We believe physical activity is essential for all children and gymnastics provides the best foundation whether your child wants to be an Olympic Gymnast, Basketball Player, or an Astronaut.  DeVeau's School of Gymnastics has been a national leader in recreational and competitive gymnastics since 1982.  Our Online Academy was created to supplement our current class and team programs while also reaching those who may not be able to access our home gym.  DeVeau's has provided the foundational training for dozens of athletes from preschool to collegiate athletes and has even trained an Olympian and NCAA Champion.  We can't wait to guide your child along his or her journey as well!

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The Best of the Best

DeVeau's Academy is produced by our amazing instructors who not only inspire your child's love of learning in gymnastics but also in life. We believe in creating lifelong learners and are excited to offer our expertise on a new platform.  We can't wait to see how your child can become their best!

On Demand Class Library

Learn anywhere, anytime

Our Preschool and Recreational Classes are designed for your child to follow along to wherever you are.  Your child can enjoy an active and fun class from home while practicing gross and fine motor skills.  Classes are designed for both beginning and advanced level children and follow a curriculum we have perfected for over 30 years.

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